The metal foam by Alvéotec or honeycomb casting process
The process mastered by Alvéotec is currently the only one that allows the production of metal foam with regular shape and opened cells.
Moreover our metal foam is a manufactured product made with an industrial process. Furthermore, thanks to digital simulations, it is possible to anticipate and optimize the behavior of the material. The fact that metal foam is made with a regular shape by an industrial process allows us to identically reproduce its performance.

The cells:

The general shape is based on Kelvin cells model but Alvéotec is also able to adapt the characteristics of the cells depending on the application, your needs and your constraints.
- Cell structure (standard, cubic, adjusted, …)
- Cell size (minimum Ø10mm)
- Permeability rate: 70-95%.
Modified cells
Modified cells
3D Modified cells
Cubic cells
Cubic cells
3D Cubic cells

The production process is the direct casting method:

We produce cores which are a mix of silica and resin
We put cores in place together in order to realize a preform
3-Placing the preform
Placing the preform
We place the preform inside a mould
We shed the metal into the grid of the preform
Solidifying and cooling metal phases
6-Finished product
Finished product after removing the preform
Execution of removing the preform and finalization phases


Our metal foam technology has a wide area of applications.
Thermique zoom

- Thermal management

- Natural convection:
- Metal foam generates 3D convection and, according to our tests, it improves significantly its performances.
- Heat sink orientation does not influence performance of convection.
- Using a metal foam structure in a heat sink improves heat dissipation by 40% (maximum) compare to traditional heat sink.
- Heat exchange:
- Honeycombed structures generate an efficient mixture of fluids,
thus boundary layer effect is decreased
- Heat exchange coefficient is important compare to pressure drop generated
- Thermal conduction:
- The fact that our metal foam has a regular shape significantly increases thermal conductivity of low conductive material, if we place this material in a honeycombed structure.
High speed mechanical test zoom
High speed mechanical test

- Mechanical applications

- Reducing product’s weight
- Shocks absorbing:
Thanks to metal foam structure, we can have a constant pressure during the whole deformation. Today, it is possible to product shocks absorber with a pressure resistance rate between 0.5 MPa and 10MPa with aluminum foam or 40MPa with steel.
Esthetic application Esthetic application zoom

- Esthetic application

This metal foam is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
It is a high quality, innovating and precious material. Therefore architects and designers have quickly perceived esthetical benefits of this structure. This metal foam may be easily included in a contemporary design style for sober, elegant and refined rooms which is a combination, such as metal foam, tradition and modernity. The imagination knows no limits…