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Heatsink for LOUPI Lighting


Why radiators Cast-Aluminum Foam ® are effective natural convection? 

• We produce aluminum foams foundry, this method allows us to adjust the parameters of the foam according to need. 
For heatsinks with natural convection, it is important to encourage the flow of air through the radiator, so we designed a foam with large pores limiting losses. Also, the structure of the foam is architected to initiate natural convection convection movements with 3D. 

For this specific application, LOUPI uses LED 40 W power, the use of aluminum heatsink foam can greatly reduce the size while ensuring proper operating temperature (lifetime 50 000h). 

• The casting process can produce monolithic (made ​​one) block, so there is a perfect metallurgical continuity throughout the room. It is also possible for us to use pure metals, which allows us to increase the thermal conductivity and uniform temperature in the radiator. 

• The foam is shitty, so we designed a form that is perfectly suited to our application downlight. Large openings of the base of the radiator to allow air to circulate freely increasing air velocities and heat exchange. 

In conclusion: The LOUPI heatsink allows equal power to greatly reduce the size of the heatsink. In fact, the radiator has to LOUPI halve the size of the lighting. 

For this specific application, the heat sink has a diameter of 110 mm and a height of 30 mm. It allows a cool LED 40W electric with a twice smaller footprint while ensuring life.