Alvéotec foams : crash applications


Alvéotec foams have been originally designed for energy absorbing applications are widely used in the thermal application. The latest work of Alvéotec research has repositioned foam as shock absorbers in the crash.

The problems of crash

When body collides with a fixed body, first undergoes a deceleration (negative acceleration). The human body is accustomed to undergo an acceleration of 1 g (gravity), some humans (fighter pilot in particular) are trained to undergo stronger accelarations up to 5g. Accelerations exceeding all is bad for the bones and the brain. It is therefore necessary to add elements that absorb energy to reduce the magnitude of the acceleration and make it bearable.



The Alvéotec's work 

Alvéotec has its adjustable foam material according to project needs.

Initially, the foam had a porosity of 85%, ie 15% in the volume of metal. Alvéotec worked formulations for a wide range of porosity from 70% to 95%. This allows for great flexibility in adjusting the level of stress.



The advantage of the material having the CAD geometry, so it is possible to perform finite element calculations to accurately predict the level of stress.


From these calculations, we were able to make rapid dynamic tests.