LOUPI launch his new metal foam heatsink for lighting application


After several months of researches and developments, Alvéotec and Loupi have designed an efficient heat sink for Loupi’s LED lamps. Therefore Loupi will soon market its complete LED lamps with LED coolers made with metal foam structure.  Indeed, if we have a 40W power supply, temperature inside the LED is now maintained below the limit defined by the LED manufacturer to guaranty 50,000 hours of use.

Main benefits of this innovation are:

  • Reducing size of the heat sink, thus the size of the whole part has been divided by 2 : from 20cm to 10cm
  • Therefore we still have an important guaranty for the LED even if we reduced the size of the LED cooler. Consequently, Loupi is now able to place its lamps in a confined space such as a sub-ceiling.

Moreover if we compare only the radiator, the radiator designed for Loupi is more than 3 times smaller than a traditional radiator: from 10cm to 3cm

These are 3 types of heat sink for LED made in aluminum. The honeycombed structure has been designed by Alvéotec and produced with the CastFoam process. The first one is 30mm high and is able to cool a 40W LED, the last one is 50mm high and is able to cool a 50W LED.