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Unique Aluminium Foam from Goodfellow


Alvéotec has now a partnership with the distributor Goodfellow.

Alvéotec and Goodfellow have defined a standard product designed to all organizations which want to try to test metal foam properties to satisfy their needs. This standard product is made in aluminium, purity rate is 99.7%. Permeability rate is 85%.

The first product, now available in the catalog of Goodfellow, has this characteristics :

  • Cell size : 10mm
  • Length : 150mm
  • Width: 100mm
  • Height : 40mm
  • Thickness of the base : 5mm

You can find this product and its complete technical description at:

Press publications by Goodfellow about this standard product:

  • On French websites:


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  • On English and American websites: