Our services:

Technical feasibility and metal foam design

After a long training with the CTIF (Technical Center for Foundry Industry), the inventor of metal foams CastFoam®, our technical teams are now able to study and develop your projects and products. Therefore, Alvéotec’s engineers are able to realize your technical researches from your needs and constraints to the production of prototypes in finished product material.

Alvéotec’s studies may also include digital simulation studies in order to describe and optimize the behavior of the metal parts during their life cycle.
Our technical teams have developed critical know-how to design products made with metal foam structures. Depending on the specific characteristic of your project, our engineers can adapt characteristics of metal foam design:
stuctures zoom
- Cell structure
- Cell size
(minimum Ø10mm)
- Permeability rate: 70-95%
- Material: Steel, cast-iron, copper, aluminium

Design and optimization for traditional foundry manufacturing

Drawing on its several decades of experience, its know-how and its partnerships with the foundries FTB and Gravitec, Alvéotec’s studies can adapt or design your metallic parts in order to produce parts by aluminum casting (die casting or sand casting). Thanks to these services, your projects will be optimized according to the specificities of the chosen process (die casting or sand casting):
- Reducing mass
- Improving production rates thanks to the design
- Taking into consideration finalization phase in order to decrease production costs

Prototyping in finished product material

Alvéotec masters processes on the cutting edge of the technology such as sand printing (equivalent to 3D printing but adapted to foundry industry) to produce sand molds. Thanks to this method we can manufacture prototypes without creating industrial tools.
This new method allows us to quickly obtain prototype in finished product material at a very competitive cost.